Liqui Moly Motor Oil Saver

Liqui Moly Motor Oil Saver
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    Rejuvenates and regenerates dried out, porous or shrunken oil and valve stem seals, thus reduces motor oil consumption and increases the compression.

    Suitable for all commercial motor oils in gasoline and diesel engines with and without particulate filter (GPF/DPF).  Minimum motor oil filling of 3 liters (3.17 U.S QT) is requested for optimum product performance. Contents sufficient for max. 5 liters (5.28 U.S. QT) of motor oil. The product can be added at any time, sealing first takes effect after about 600-800 km (400-500 miles). The use of Motor Oil Saver every around 30.000 km (20.000 miles) is recommended to guarantee a lasting effect.