Snow Performance Stage 2 Stage 2 Boost Cooler®

Snow Performance Stage 2 Stage 2 Boost Cooler®
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    Unlock 50-70+HP on your boosted vehicle while decreasing your air temps by up to 100 degrees! Increase your pump gas octane by 25 points and make more power efficiently with a cooler running motor! The Snow Performance Stage 2 Boost Cooler® water-methanol injection system is available for all forced induction applications (supercharged/turbocharged). The Stage 2 uses a progressive controller that proportionally injects more or less according to boost pressure. Start and full points are adjustable for engagement and delivery curve to match what the engine requires. Proportionally injecting according to boost pressure gives an accurate delivery of water-methanol and allows cooling and performance improvements over a wide range for improved drivability.

    New for 2015, the Stage 2 introduces the VC-50 Controller. The VC-50 offers the functionality of a boost gauge and water-methanol controller all in one! Highlighting a 7 color (Blue, White, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Green) OLED screen displaying boost, percentage of injection, low level, secondary nozzle activation, prime button, and 2 fault codes directly on the screen. Also new, the VC-50 has the ability to progressively command 2 adjustable stages of water-methanol for maximum cooling and HP results.

    - Made In USA
    - Cooler Denser Air Charge
    - Achieve 116 Octane Quality Fuel From Pump Gas
    - Safely Run More Boost & Timing
    - Cleans Engine Combustion Of Carbon Build Up
    - Progressive Water-Methanol Injection

    - Nickel Plated Metal Fittings
    - Industry Leading 300 PSI UHO Pump For More Pressure Than The Competition
    - 52mm Boost Gauge and Adjustable Progressive Water-Methanol Controller All in One
    - 7 Color OLED Screen Displays Boost, Injection Percentage, Injection Error (s), Prime Button, Second Stage Activation, and Low Level
    - New Prime Feature Ensures Water-Methanol In Lines With Push of A Button
    - 2 Fault Modes (Clogged Line/Broken Line)
    - Level Switch Upgrade
    - Your Choice of Red, Blue, or Black Methanol Resistant High Temp Nylon Tubing
    - 2 Proprietary Hypersonic™ Nozzles For The Best Atomization On The Market

    Whats In The Box:
    - 300 PSI UHO (Ultra High Output) Pump
    - 3 Quart Reservoir
    - All Tubing Necessary for Installation
    (20' ¼ Inch High Temp Nylon Tubing)
    (18" High pressure Boost Line)
    - Progressive VC-50 Controller
    - Pigtail Harness
    - Level Switch Upgrade
    - 1 Nozzle Holder/Check Valve Combo
    - 2 Hyper-Sonic™ Nozzles
    - Required Hardware Needed For Installation
    - Snow Performance Running S Decal
    - Comprehensive Instructions to Install on Any Forced Induction Vehicle
    -Snow Performance 1-Year Warranty