APR Ignition Coils

APR Ignition Coils
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    APR Ignition Coils are designed to be a direct plug-and-play upgrade to factory coils, and provide greater energy output, ensuring a stronger and more consistent spark. The commonplace replacement of factory ignition coils with those taken from higher output Audi RS models, such as the 2.5T, is popularly believed to provide greater energy output. However, testing proves that they are no more powerful than the factory coils that are found on 1.8T and 2.0T engines. APR Ignition Coils increase energy output by 10%. They are a direct upgrade or replacement, and come with the coveted red housing made popular by the Audi R8!


    • 10% more energy output than stock
    • Red housing with APR Logo
    • True upgrade, not just aesthetic
    • Direct plug-and-play

    Application Guide

    Quantity Needed / Engines
    3 - 1.0T EA211
    4 - 1.2T EA211
    4 - 1.4T EA211
    4 - 1.5T EA211
    4 - 1.5T EA211 EVO
    4 - 1.6L EA211
    4 - 1.8T EA888 Gen 3
    4 - 2.0T EA888 Gen 3
    4 - 2.0T EA888 Gen 3B
    5 - 2.5T EA855 EVO
    6 - 2.9T EA839
    6 - 3.0T EA839
    8 - 4.0T EA824
    8 - 4.0T EA825

    PLEASE NOTE - If your factory ignition coils look physically different, other than color, these upgrades are not compatible.