South Bend Stage 3 Drop In Disc. MK5/6

South Bend Stage 3 Drop In Disc.  MK5/6
    Code: SDTSI-OFE
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    MSRP: 375
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    It's a well known fact that getting more power out of your 2.0T engine is very easy. Unfortunately owners that have ECU upgrades or installed a K04 kit have noticed that the stock clutch does not cope well with the added power. To counter your clutch slipping problems, we are proud to offer a new Stage 3 "drop in" clutch disc upgrade. This Stage 3 disc was designed to be installed with your stock pressure plate and flywheel. This give you the benefits of more holding power, but with the same feel and ease of use as your stock clutch. This also means that if you don't have plans to add anything more than a few bolt-on engine upgrades, you don't have to pay for a clutch that you won't really be able to utilize.

    Fitments / specifications:
    2006+ Mk5 & Mk6 GTI / GLI 2.0t 6-speed - (02Q)
    2006+ Audi A3 2.0t 6-speed - (02Q)
    2006+ Passat 2.0t 6-Speed (02Q)
    2006+ Eos 2.0t 6-Speed (02Q)
    2007+ Tiguan 2.0t 6-Speed (02Q)
    2007+ Audi TT 2.0t 6-speed

    Recommended for 2.0T vehicles with:
    Stage 1/1+ Software
    Stage2/2+ Software
    K04 Turbo
    Basic bolt-ons
    Relatively low mileage

    Note: We do not recommend the use of this product with Stage 3 or larger turbo kits. This is a clutch disc only, you must re-use your stock pressure plate and flywheel. Please ensure that the mating surface of your flywheel is clean before installing this clutch disc. Also, due to the fact that this re-uses OE components, there is no warranty on this disc

    Note: Condition of the stock pressure plate can have a significant effect on torque holding. With a new condition pressure plate, this kit should be capable of holding about 400 ft-lbs at the crank