P3 Gauges MK6 Boost Gauge

P3 Gauges MK6 Boost Gauge
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    Need plug & play? Try the OBD2 "Multi-Gauge" instead

    P3 Boost gauge

    • Hard-wires in to power and ground and requires analog tubing to be run and connected to intake / charge pipe (does not plug into OBD2 port)
    • Boost and vacuum with peak recall
    • Battery voltage readout and quick-check even when the vehicle is shut off
    • Manual dimmer with optional auto-dim feature
    • Can be configured for both constant power and switched power installations
    • Includes digital display, power supply unit (with integrated 80psi analog boost sensor), vacuum tubing, wiring harness and related hardware (does not include boost tap)

    OEM vent option

    • We install the display in an OEM vent to make your install even easier.

    The P3 Boost gauge is an entry level digital boost gauge that retains the clean OEM look of your vehicle's interior. This gauge gets hard-wired to power and ground and is then tapped into your intake or charge pipe for a direct boost reading up to 80psi using it's integrated analog boost sensor. With peak recall and battery check all in the same streamlined display, this offers much more than your average boost gauge.